Welcome to Montevale

The Shire of Montevale is a local group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.  The Shire covers Franklin and Fulton counties in south central Pennsylvania, which makes us part of the East Kingdom.

You can now find us on Facebook at Shire of Montevale Public Group.

We have some big news! Montevale and the other local groups which usually sponsor Shire Wars in the fall are going to be the hosts for East Kingdom Fall Coronation on October 5, 2019.  The site is in York, PA, and you can find the event announcement here.   More information and news about Coronation will be available on this web site as the date gets closer.

Montevale’s fighter practices are currently suspended until we have a new location for them. Check back here or at the Montevale Fighter Practice Group on Facebook for updates to this information.

See  our updated Disclaimer here.